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2017 Ram Catalog

The NAWSA encourages setting careful and selective breeding goals. Achieving purebred status which allows for high blood percentage and fairly standard reproduction of established Wensleydale traits is certainly one goal. Wide and diverse genetics can help keep a gene pool healthy, correctness of conformation and excellence of fleece are hopefully high on everyone’s list. Robust health, easy lambing and many more important issues all come together when making breeding choices.

The NAWSA tracks color in our registry through suffixes in the registration numbers, and preserving an entirely white line may be a goal for some. The 2017 North American Wensleydale Sheep Association Ram Catalog is a snapshot of the current NAWSA registered, breeding rams over one year of age as of January 2017. They are listed with registration number, name or tag, sire and dam and current owner.

You will find a list of the owners in the back of the catalog. We have included a list of semen collected and either currently available or historically used within our genetic pool. This included both imported UK registered sires, and domestic sires. There are sixty rams listed here, twenty seven of these rams are ‘purebred’ (96% blood or higher). Sixteen of the rams are direct descendants of UK sires Also included is a list of both UK Wensleydale rams whose semen has been imported for AI, along with NAWSA ram semen that has been collected and made available for AI. Pictures of rams are included where available.

The NAWSA ewes have not been forgotten, and although we have not surveyed to see how many are still in the breeding pool, there are five hundred ninety five ewes in the registry born between 2010 and 2017. Ninety seven of these ewes are ‘purebred’ (96% or higher). One hundred thirty five of these ewes are the direct daughters of UK sires Ystrad Grand Master Flash, Maesafon Mack (Riverdance), Beech Hill Grey Owl, Widehope Dexter, West End Midnight, Beech Hill Popeye or Oakhill Merle. Virginia Scholomiti - President NAWSA