Membership in the North American Wensleydale Sheep Association is open to any person, family or corporation who owns, breeds, or is actively involved in establishing purebred Wensleydale sheep, and to everyone who has an interest in supporting the development and promotion of the breed in North America.

Interest in membership is growing rapidly, primarily from breeders anxious to join the upgrading program and from fiber enthusiasts who look forward to having high quality Wensleydale wool available in North America.

The Charter members and Board of Directors are delighted with this response and feel that those who support our efforts should find benefit in their continued membership.

ACTIVE MEMBERS: Owners, breeders and others actively involved in the promotion of Wensleydale sheep.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Spinners, weavers, crafters and others interested in support the efforts of the Association.

  • We appreciate the enthusiastic support of our associate membership and the Board of Directors has encouraged its active producer-members to give associate members priority status for purchasing fleeces. Many of our breeders have waiting lists for their fleeces, and it is hoped that they will consider fellow NAWSA members before selling to those who are not members. Active members who offer fleeces for sale are indicated on the Member Roster page.

Printable Membership Application/Renewal 

Benefits of Membership