D'Andrea Tyree, Worden, IL
Secretary 2016-2017

D'Andrea raises only Wensleydale sheep but also has angora rabbits and chickens on a small family owned farm in south central Illinois. Her desire is to help promote the breed and work toward obtaining the goals and mission established by the founders of NAWSA.​

Board of Directors

Lois Olund, Philomath OR 
Director 2015-2016, Treasurer

I have more than 60 registered Wensleydale sheep at 87% and higher and have been an active participant in the upgrade program. I have just finished a 2-year term as Co-President of Oregon Wool Growers Association and also own a fiber business, Bellwether Wool Company. I’m a very active promoter of Wensleydale roving and yarns that I sell at fiber festivals and other venues. Exposure of this premium quality wool to fiber customers has been an excellent promotion for the breed and I am happy to boast of the many attributes of Wensleydale sheep.

Cory Simpson, Lewistown, MT
Vice President 2015-2016

Cory's main livelihood has always been raising sheep and he first fell in love with Wensleydales in 2001 after searching for a better breed of sheep. Due to the limited availability of Wensleydales at that time, Cory's first longwools were registered Lincolns and they provided him with the opportunity to learn about longwool fleece characteristics and build a wool business. He believes Wensleydales have a bright future both for cross breeding and purebreds as we increase our numbers and strengthen our flocks.

Virginia Scholomiti, Delanson, NY

My involvement in the sheep industry began with a visit to a farm, borrowing a spinning wheel and learning to spin. I began my flock with Border Leicester, Romney crosses, then added a Moorit, and was hooked. I purchased Wensleydales - three percentage ewes and a ram, and we are thrilled with the breed and the fiber. I would like to see the Association broaden its base, continue to stimulate lots of enthusiasm for the breed, and serve as an educational conduit for all the diverse interests that draw us together.

Joanie Livermore, Oregon City OR
Director 2016-2017

Joanie was raised on a farm with every type of animal except sheep! In 4-H she showed and judged dairy cattle. She's been raising sheep for about 12 years, starting with a hand-me-down group of aged Suffolks ewes, who taught her alot. A medical illustrator by trade, she's delighted to be away from the city on a farm again, raising English Leicesters along with her % Wensleydales. Her hobbies are painting, writing, spinning & weaving.