NAWSA Online(click to access)

NAWSA Online offers the ability to complete the following online:

  •  renew your membership
  •  register new animals
  •  transfer animals in or out 
  •  obtain duplicate certificates
  •  make corrections to existing certificates
  •  change the status of an animal
  •  view, sort and print your list of animals
  •  view and print individual animal details and history
  •  view information on other NAWSA registered animals
  •  And, of course! - make your payments online using PayPal

Your Membership must be current in order for your transactions to be processed. If you need to renew your Membership, you may simply process your renewal on the same Order as your transactions. 

All payments for memberships, transfers, and registration forms should be mailed to: 

  • GLM Registry, 19508 Tiller Trail Hwy, Days Creek, OR 97429

GLM Registry is very happy to answer any questions you have regarding filling out these forms. Please call with any questions at 541-825-8580 or email

The following forms are available to download and print. Click on the red links and then save or print out. If you don't have access to a printer,  please contact us and we will be happy to mail you a hard copy. We hope to have online forms available in the near future.

Printable Forms

For those members who do not have access to the above online system.

Membership Application/Renewal                                                                                                                 

  • Please download and fill out as either a Word Doc or a PDF                                                        
  • Your membership runs from January 1 - December 31 of each year                                                               
  • With your membership, you will receive a breeder listing on the NAWSA website, membership in our Facebook 'Wensleydale Discussion Group' and receive newsletters and mailings.

Foundation Ewe Application 
Use this form (PDF) to file information on a registered Cotswold, Lincoln, or Leicester Longwool ewe that has been used to A.I. for 50% Wensleydales. The breeder does not have to be the owner of the ewe but must furnish a copy of her registration papers with the application.
Registration Application

Please download and fill out either this PDF file or this Excel File  (print in landscape format to fit the page)

Use this form to register ewes of 50-100% Wensleydale blood, and RR rams of 75-100% Wensleydale blood.  You must be a current Active member of the NAWSA to register animals.

Combination Registration and Transfers
To Register AND Transfer Lambs at the same time, you must fill out the Registration Application AND this form  Transfer of Lambs PDF at Time of Registration Form.                                                                                                                                                                      
To Transfer an animal already registered with the NAWSA, fill out the back of the original certificate of registration and mail with payment to GLM Registry. The original certificate of registry MUST be submitted for any transfers (other than lambs being registered for the first time AND transferred at the same time, see above.

NAWSA Trifold Brochure:


      Active Membership

  • Includes email and website links from our member/breeder roster $25 per year
    • Any person, family or corporation who owns, breeds, and registers Wensleydale Sheep with the NAWSA. If an active member registers no animals for a period of two consecutive years, the member shall automatically become an Associate member. Active members must be current on their membership dues (in good standing) to be eligible to vote and/or hold elective office.


      Associate Membership $15 per year

  • Includes newsletter subscription
    • Any person, family or corporation interested in the promotion of Wensleydale sheep may become an associate member of the NAWSA, and as such is entitled to all privileges of full membership except they shall have no vote, nor shall they be eligible to hold elective office. 

      Recording & Registration of sheep - must be a member to file

  • Foundation ewe, $5
  • Animals up to 9 months of age, $5 plus an additional $2 if you are transferring at the time of registration
  • Animals 9 -24 months of age, $10 plus an additional $2 if you are also transferring at time of registration
    No animal shall be accepted for recording or registration after it is two years old unless, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, the case merits special consideration. 
  • Duplicate certificates $5
  • Transfer $5 of Registered Animals
  • Transfer from non-members $10
  • Rush on any paperwork, please contact GLMRegistry directly to discuss. They have been very prompt with all paperwork, and can easily provide an email copy of registrations if needed for shows. Your original papers with the embossed seal will arrive in the mail and are needed to be presented if you transfer any animals. 
  • Please email or with any questions we are happy to help.

Forms & Fees